Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pictures i took this week

this mad stuff is an art installation just down the road from college. [Harper Road-open until they knock the buildong down]

Its called 'seizure' by Roger Hiorns. 
basicly what it is; theres a few condemned buildings around the area and this small complex of flats holds the instillaton. The artist opened up one flat and flooded part of it.

he used some kind of strange chemical which chrystallised into this fantastic blue-purple chrystals.

Its brilliant and i think really shows the potential to what else can be done with a space other than knocking it down. it adds colour and interest to something 'condemned' as ugly and useless.
-i would really like to see many more projects such as this, especially with these knackered old buildings; why not hand over a portion to a group of artists or students to create something completely unique and revitalise an area. 
only good things can come of this
[and its free!]

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