Saturday, 31 October 2009


VCT-cut and paste. This is all about re-using images for your own purpose, to manipulate an image to your own message.

Here i used a juxtaposition of an asda advert about cheaper meat prices with the image of a british soldier. 
What i wanted to communicate with the 'low prices' and the soldier is the current topic on funding for our armed forces.
The british army,money are a couple well publicised topics considering we are in recession and at war on two fronts for a good 8 years or so.
Also this is the season there is alot of publicity about buying poppies to show support. I feel the comment i am making about the armed forces being under paid is a valid one. they are; and from what ive read in the headlines its effecting peoples lives. which is why i added a sly [lives]£1 less. and the fact it was from a meat advert kinda says a bit more brutally how they are treated by those with the purse strings. 
bit deep n depressing but im pleased with myself for tapping into a current subject and producing something simple and effective. We had a bit of time for this so i kept adding bits to the arrow and other stuff so not to look like i was wasting time. i tried making another but it was crap.
i am to write 250 words on this before next week which i dont see as being too difficult.

am i waffling on a bit too much on these blogs?

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