Saturday, 24 April 2010

Collage extention EXHIBITION

Really liked this whole project, really fostered what people want to pursue. its not always easy doing self initiated projects but this gave us a real platform and goal to work towards.

I originally wanted to produce a book, and did, i spent HOURS AND HOURS designing a book, based on one of my collages and self initiated studies of double exposures using 35mm film. Its something i originally started as my FMP last year and did a dozen well crafted spreads, and over the holidays i started off on about 3-4 seperate self initiated studies to develop different areas i need or want to work on but the book took the top of the to-do list.

i tried to produce it on level 2 in the book binding place, i went there as an inducton in freshers week and thought it was open access-turns out its not.
but i did learn some very important things. when printing a book remember "the lowest common denominator" tell the printer exactly and precisely what you want and expect. AS I MINE COMPLETELY ARSED UP AND IM SO GUTTED!15 QUID DOWN THE DRAIN! and they didnt have any paper to choose from
as i spent so much time on it im going to just use "" and have it printed top quality. i think it will be an excellent addition to my portfolio, bringing together my graphic skills such as use of type and layout, and my self initiated and artistic skills.

In the end i framed a handful of my favourite images and displayed them. the responses wer very positive i feel and it was quite nice observing people looking and talking about all of our work.

overall i feel the quality of work was solid, i feel most people really put effort into their collage extentions, quite a few really good ones come to mind. i think sophias newspaper one, and ewas metaphor poster was very impressive, but its difficult to pick particular favourites out of so much utter variety and good quality. there wer i handful that didnt impress me in the least to put it nicely.

Overall this reminds me how happy i am with the choice i made picking the fda. has really fostered and encouraged what i want to do and exposed me to so much new stuff. very forward thinking and dynamic and im pleased to be part of it.

also i put some pictures of the poster i dotted around london, i strategically put a few on leake street and i like the way barely hours later they became part of the environment and where painted on. thyre still there too!

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