Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pick Me Up exhibition-somerset house

This was a very inspiring exhibition, what i felt was seeing the results of much more artistic or experimental design, and process driven design. not only was there a heavy screenprint influence but also what was originally a chinese process of basicly cutting out patterns in paper-rediculously time consuming and the idea of carrying out this process-especially to their level of detail and SIZE-and the planning that would require so  it all joins up!-that would just drive me insane.

one other thing was alot of self made mini books and comics and things-i really liked these as im VERY keen on doing a few myself with different processes. Im going to make a special post about this soon as one of my freindly graphic design freinds took some shots on a fancy digital camera for me ive yet ot get my hands on

the reason i liked this was seeing how and what could be done within the restriction of just two colours. somiething i really enjoyed in jo's contrast workshop.

this was the insanely time consuming process. i liked this particular one as they mixed it with some screenprinted text before cutting out.
-see how it all joins up.that would just simply drive me mad.expecially if you broke one of the joins!

wicked little calender i found!definately hand made process, i love things hand made, a little rough and ready and each one all over that and want to produce similar-but the important question is do other people like this too?would it sell?

i just though this was a brilliant idea for adding just that little more excellence and brilliance to a screenprint edition-embossing your name

i think this is a brilliant character

LOVE THIS POSTER-im planning as a self initiated project to make a montage/collage on photoshop and produce a screenprint similar to this. but possibly contrasting london, or simply of london itself and what i found interesting. i rented a digital camera from photography
-thyre not all that great but only going for it as it should yeild bigger and better images than my camera phone!
im really considering investing ina decent one now-probably a solid pocket one ill always have rather than some massive one that looks more like it could take out a plane than take a picture

i enjoyed it.somerset house the place id say is def worth visiting,lots of other odds and ends to see there

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