Thursday, 1 April 2010

EXCELLENT ART at the FoUndRy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the this stuff so much. i think its a crying shame these artists and this art doesnt get enough exposure-its so good!!it sso real and un-pretentious.

I really like the way alot of these paintings are done onto found really gives so much to the work, originality, character.and quite simple media too, but brilliantly excecuted. im all over it

i just love dogs and like the humble choice of dog images, catching a frisbee, begging for a treat etc.quaint.

i like this simply for the idea of doing an 'edition' of stencil spray paint.

this artist is brilliant.never seen it before, but the quality of line and way theyve drawn the images are so good!

this is nuts!!some distorted text made out of metal making it into some kind of sculpture. this amazing!1

ive seen this artists work scattered around london. just love the cheap output, b+w paste up.

you should definately go and see all this while its still there.and the foundry is closing soon!

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