Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Workshop.2- MONOPRINTING with rachel ortas


this was good! what i took most from this was not just so much the process in itself, but Rachels spin on it and importantly, how to do it at home and outside of the print studio and the different materials to print on
as its about london no need to just print on simple paper-but tube maps, and things. im going to pick up all sorts like this and print backgrounds on, evening standards, maps, tour guides etc

this is similar to what i learnt with the lino cut and what i learnt with that with how to do this at home.which i did aim to do this holiday but caught up with other projects [bastid vct essay] so i got all the gear. check out my post about it, this process and what i learn is very relevant to what we did in this workshop:

Mono Printing:

1-take a smooth surface, cover the table in old paper and cover the smooth surface with masking tape on the edges.

2-cover in ink or paint, you can use gouache or experiment with something else, but oil based is best. we can do this open access in the print studio-speak to tessa.

3-put what you want to print [paper] on top and make marks on top, trace, make patterns, anything. REMEMBER IT PRINTS IN REVERSE SO IF U WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING-WRITE IT BACKWARDS!

4-and there you have a mono print. its not an exact science dont expect perfect details-but this is the appeal in mono printing, and mix and compine colours. to a layer in a light colour then again in a dark. experiment!!thats the joy for me of printmaking!!!

-i think this is definately something i want to bring into my book. printmaking-all printmaking has a massive appeal for me, and ive really come a long way trying new things and mixing processes together and have some developed some very interesting and unique work

as hand made image making is something am truly passionate about and is almost what am known and recognised for, i should definately incorporate it and would be an excellent playground for me to experiment with mixing it with digital media as ive been working towards for so long. even if it doesnt succeed im set to learn a great deal of technique and style using this method.

ive borrowed a digital camera from photography and im going to take pictures of everything in london-buildings, signs, textures, etc and i want to make a montage of a few pages as a kind of visual research-this will cover a brief chapter on davids bookbinding and also a previous workshop of darrens where we used this process.
i must say it feels incredibly alien to use a digital camera, as ive spent litrally my entire time with cameras using 35mm film making double+triple exposures!!
and the worl i do for this may evolve into simple backgrounds or soemthing. i feel its a valid self initiated project.

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