Thursday, 5 November 2009

Leake Street

Who likes leake street? i love the place.
i make a point of walking through it a few times a week on the way to college when i get off at waterloo.
heres a couple recent images of things i found along there,
if you look you can find some really quite striking artwork, really skillfully excecuted.

-its such a damn shame it takes next to no time at all to be covered up and scrawled all over by the few mindless pricks who just fucking ruin it and make the place ugly, messy and robs from, what could be and almost is, a really cutting edge cultural place free for all to come and see or even to paint.
but i guess you could argue that even them tags could be a form of expression. yeah it is like how a dog expresses against trees as it pisses all over something  just for the sake of putting their name there.
it pisses me off,but dont get me wrong- i really appreciate a good solidly excecuted tag, theycan show real dynamics and creativity with the use of simple handwriting. its simple and visually intersting especially if theyve taken the time for it to blossom into a full blown piece.
but no some fucker has to make a mockery of the use of a spray can and shit all over it 'i hope you die' or 'this is london' [???] scratched over something good just isnt the way forward.

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