Monday, 30 November 2009

also, jsut to follow up. as you can see form the few brief examples of actual work, i did screw up a lot! but  i think this is good!the more you screw up the more your learning!

i kept getting odd letters back to front n somehow a random bold 'O' got thrown into the mix, i guess its hard to recognise these things until you print it.

also worth a note: my choice of typeface.

as you see ive used gill sans. using a mix of sizes and italic. i chose this font becuase im basing my supermarket on an already existing one: waitrose.
-the reason i decided this was because i didnt want to spend time looking at making a corporate id for a new company. and i really dont like that area of design i must admit.

and the font used for the new waitrose logo [the green] was 'inspired by gill and futura'

which basicly boils down to it being gill sans with a couple cheeky slanty bits here n there to reflect the logo of the green slanty things. simple clean effective really. 

-which brings me to something else i want to waffle about/share: have deliberatelu been researching a little more into typography, and ultimately graphic design; theres a really good little leaflet on blackboard about it as well, and listening to the guys in the spin lecture...
graphic design is actually really simple in a way. [in a way!!] i always thought there was some majic formula to good design and how its been done and why the **** they did it. its simple:it reflects something relevant. 
if you look at the above example about the waitrose font; they did that because it reflects [aka communicates] something relevant about the subject/client etc.
am delighted i found that out. i could be wrong. and i might throw that one at susanna/darren n get their take on it.

on another note: the reason why i did the letterpress also to put into use some of orlaghs researching techniques and how they dont have to be the default library/internet. in doing so doing things deliberately wrong, doing it right doing it differently moving it scratching it doing allsorts to it and se what comes from that.
-when i heard darren say they want to see them kind of workshops used in our projects i though ah fuck thats me failed but if u jus chill it came almost naturally and i thought about that as i worked. not that it shows.

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