Monday, 23 November 2009

Ed and Nancy Kienholz instillation/photography portrait awards-National portrait gallery visit

as you can see photographs 'are prohibited' at this gallery and is a bit student un-freindly.
but again its free which is brilliant to have access to centuries worth of proper classic Fine Art each painting taking up years of an artists life to create.
shame a lot of its quite boring.

-but this was interesting!-and certainly something different

this artist couple sought to recreate a 70's style amsterdam red light district inside the national portrait gallery- in the main building.

its quite interesting, but a bit brief n a bit sad as well i found. it was dealing with the themes of prostitution and how it is persecuted to the suffering of the prostitutes.also how the prostitutes are people, characters have faces to them and drawing attention to this by surrounding their faces in old cookie tin boxes. interesting the choice of box, as cookies are a food, a sweet consumable.

Id recommend a visit to the gallery as a whole, id jib off all the fine art, or at least leave it to the end. im sorry but it makes me yawn and i cant be arsed with it. especially when there is so much mor enew and interesting things to be seen that arent going to be there all that long.

-but pop outside and you see that set of delicious randomness!!:its a bit mad n i surprisingly quite liked this.  from what i gathered it was a set of dead old trees, their roots intact shipped over from south africa.
really mad massive trees. its fascinating how plants vary massively.

Photographic portrait awards:
 round the back of the gallery is all this. and most of its free. its really interesting looking at different people and how the picture is set to describe the person. theres a mad one where the persons features glow and change colour
worth a cheeky visit.

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