Monday, 30 November 2009

blog post *51-now with added interest

LOOK AT THIS! can you guess where this is??
-not where youd think it is, is in davies street!??just the last place id expect to find something bloody amazing smothered around part of the interior

its amazing!look at it!its still being painted theres just one little corner still being filled in, the guy doing it looked pretty busy and deeply focused so i didnt want to disturb him by asking what course hes doing/does for a living etc etc

i remember seeing the beginnings of this a couple weeks ago when the ceiling was plastered with strange photography and huge collages bizarrely enough.

i completely love it, the way it goes out of the wall, onto the floor, the patterns and even the simplicity: black and white and [mostly] hand drawn-but how hes used those simple things to amazing effect. 

if you look at some of the more wider view shots i got you can see its a bit trippy. almost like walking into a living 2000AD comic or the guys imagination.
brilliant.more of that

if you like this check out 'secret wars'..this squad of illustrators who fill an entire space/gallery room with incredibly just cool art using only black and white and more often than not a box of marker pens. iw as lucky enought o see them putting a show together in south ken near where i used to work.these guys work hard and thyre stuff is bloody good. check it out

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