Monday, 30 November 2009

another project update....

Firstly-i dont like the way i have little say in the layout of my posts. i know i can highlight an image n sort of half move it around but its bollocks and just not easy n the only way to get something half acceptable invovles far too much fannying about and  fist shaking at the sky.


-Letterpress day!!spent the day down letterpress. well afternoon technically. that Alex is really helpful, i felt like a bit of a tit asking him really simple questions like the name for the thing which you do the typesetting in [a stick] and if something reads the right way. i only recently done the induction with david so felt a bit silly about that. 

but half of the purpose of today was to familiarise myself with whats going on down there and doing it on my own or 'open access'

-what the fuck am i going to do when i finish the FDA?-this letterpress process is just bloody great i really really want to throw mself into it and do loads of it, and i know even for personal projects id want to continue using something like this for years to come-does such a place still exist outside of our college?i hope so

the sad bastard in me wishes things like this where open saturdays.and screenprinting.and the darkroom. its great how much we have access too, i never know where to start or what to do.

-anyway project update. the point of today was i wanted to test making these 'vouchers' using a hand made, and quite classic process. and something which harks back to the recently retired peoples era and will appeal to that audience.[as recommended i look at in my tutorials]

I have established a 'sub brand' which as i commented on previously was a really good starting point for me and has already bourne some tasty visual fruit. so iwanted to test how this would look, and hopefully achieve an almost organic quality to my text not achievable in indesign [as great as it is]
if im honest i also wanted to just get my hands dirty and have a good old play with text. its almost as if i could put my hands into my laptop and move the letters n that around that way. i find myself being drawn to these old processes for that reason i think. the fact i can see it and hold it i can udnerstand it far better. i still know a thing or two with illustrator/indesign n that but its been hard won. 
anyway id say its been successful to a degree. its definately given me two paths of outcomes to work on, or at least a damn solid sketchbook of expriments. with a bit more hard work ill hopefully have at least a decent portion completed in time.

im thinking now instead of 4 'vouchers', doing just 3, or even just one really well done outcome.
ill see

i also tried uploading the stuff i did on indesign n blogger doesnt like pdf's

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