Sunday, 15 November 2009

saatchi gallery visit-the stuff that inspired

Firstly i want to say a little about my 1st tutorial;

-I had mine with susanna who took us for the typography workshop and i must say i was very encouraged by the whole tutorial; i feel alot clearer as to what i need to carry on with and what else i need to start thinking about and doing.
 one thing i was suggested to do is to absorb alot more outside influences;going to galleries and such so these recent posts is me putting that into practice

this first se of colourful images really got my attention; thyre screenprinted! and its so fucking encouraging and delighting to see someone giving a breath of fresh air to a process seen as almost out of date. they wer printed on to a silk and was just a beutiful assault of colours.
and incredibly well excecuted. 
-i thought a lot of the stuff at saatchi was a load of wank, was jus hard to engage with and almost deliberately vague and cryptic as if some poncey artist is all i know ill have some farty idea and make it all hard to decipher so it looks all bloody clever and therefore good.
well mr poncey bloody artist its not its shit and i hate it cos the skill used to excecute it is shit as well and i take absolutely nothing from it.

anyway heres some more i found bloody good; i like this next set as its just simple but great. just two colours and only a handful of shapes to create something mad an interesting. it appears the artist used a stencil, but the use of paint with drips and layering and mixing it all up it was so big you could crop it dozens of times and have dozens of ace pics

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