Monday, 9 November 2009

oxo gallery

Amazing! look at all this!

LOVE IT! look at what happens if you go a bit experimental and use things exactly how your not supposed to use them

this artist/photographer now showing at the oxo gallery nearish college in waterloo, uses x-rays to create these beutifully interesting images. its a bit vague as to how he actually created the images and was given a few 'shhhs's' when asked how he did it
expecially with the colour
yeah fucking love it. anything bit different n just damn visual, really taking the piss and obviously very experimental anything like that is just brilliant

its just the kind of stuff i hope to play around with and if im lucky find some kind of use for

am writing this as i go mad scanning in my double exposure negatives downstairs for the millionth time
ill upload a frw cheeky examples of what i mean when being experimental trying something new and deliberately using things exactly how your not supposed to

this is definately something i need to remember for this year as i really sont want to just re-hash last years stuff

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