Monday, 23 November 2009 review tips i picked up

this was a massive pain in the arse [but hopefully worth it!] ....

this took me HOURS! not because its hard to use but i had to go about picking and editing images i wanted to use for this. I guess this was something of a learning curve for me. its the first time i have ever approached something like this and you could say the 1st time ive been putting PDF's to good use.
was still a bit of an arse tho. but if you have 10 images you definately love and would put in your portfolio
what this is: "" is a free website that anyone can use [FOR FREE!] it is actually straightforward and you can have something ready literally in minuites! and will look really slick and neat, and so simple for viewers to navigate and check your stuff out.

One bad thing about this is it asks you for your chosen field [eg graphic design or something] and then titles you as that profession under your name
so mine says
benjamin rider-graphic designer.
-now thats not a massive issue i know, but i dont see myself as a proper graphic designer and i dont want you/anyone reading this thinking so. just feels as if its me being pompous.
and fuck that.

-so why did i spend the majority of last night until 4.30 am fannying about with this? Basicly because im applying for work and was recommended this as the way forwards.

-i attended creative careers' portfolio review evening last thursday night. EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS-and its free! check out 'consurgo' is the company that sets up the event run by this guy richie who apparently used to lecture on our course.

-what happens is a squad of designers/illustrators/recruiters will go over your portfolio and basicly just give you loads of great tips, advice, things to work on etc etc

-i found this an excellent much so ive actually volunteered to go and give feedback about it [well to be honest you get a tenner for 15 mins out of your day to do that hence why i 'volunteered'....

My Session/What i learnt:..

i sat on a table with a freindly chap called pratik who works as a recruiter and sees hundreds of CVs/portfolios on a daily basis so i feel lucky to have his time.also on the table where 6 other students from other UAL colleges doing other various graphic related courses at different levels-which on its own was Very insightful indeed.-what was interesting was meeting a girl who did the ABC diploma 3 years previously and comparing the same projects we did.

Pratiks top tips in a nutshell: [I also attended the SPIN DESIGN lecture and asked them how to get a job-which got a few laughs even tho people where asking them such wank like do they keep green issues in mind when printing and such crap,but this is relevant i felt -so what they said im putting here also] [me writing that little aside was my way of bigging myself up saying i went to the spin design lecture like a right ponce][altho did see plenty other fda types so shout out to them n all]

-PDF and online portfolios are the future+way forward. -employers love em []
-with your solid physical portfolio/mind window have no more than 12 images
-10 is best
-slip in a piece of card inbetween sleeves making it solid when you turn each page, this carries weight and value to your work.
-your portfolio should reflect what you love, what YOU do [style, discipline etc]
-its no point applying for a typography job if your an illustrator.bear that in mind
-Never apologize for your work/decisions
-good ideas and strong typography go down a treat

- and attire-dont dress up in a full on suit, you'll look a right bell end. smart casual is best. and theres no harm in asking before your interview what the attire is.

These are the things ive been told. Ive yet to road test them but ill certainly blather on about it when i do.

and thats about it if anyone has got to bottom of this rediculous ramble i will actually buy you a 28p can of pepsi from the 98p land in the center] theres plenty more i want to express about what i learnt/felt from the spin design lecture, the portfolio review, the services i discovered that are open to us and free not just at creative careers but in all davies street, and the job application process

-infact i will mention one thing: all the tutors have been very supportiv and helpful with my application, turns out we have a tutor who specializes in covering letters n all that: 'catherine smith' hunt her out she was very helpful indeed. 

infact there is something else i really want to get off my chest here but this is just rediculous now so look above to see if i added another post without any images and generally looks completely boring and inaccessable in which case no one will read, and if thats the case jonathan grey wilson has a git for a face

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