Sunday, 29 November 2009

Project update

i dont think ive even mentioned my project on here yet.

fate gave me a supermarket chain-help others-recently retired professionals.

quite happy with that brief and through some of the workshops and talking with some other students gave birth to a really exciting idea.

up until today ive felt as if my hands have been tied. I have this idea i really like but i cant think how to communicate it. i dont know what images, where to get them or even to use images and it freaked me the F out.

i think that if i say to myself 'communicate this' my mind goes completely blank, and if eel like a sham. like what am i doing here i cant do this. but i found a starting point and definately starting coming together.i woke up this morning with more ideas and dozens of variations on them.we all need to remember were fda students!weve been let on to something hundreds of others applied for. we must have something.and ok my first project might be shite, but thats half the point in a here to make mistakes and learn why i made them n all that.

so my project has had a really sluggish start. and i had a blurry idea of how the outcome will look. and talking with jo and susanna over the week has really chilled me out and focused me.

so i want to do a series of 'vouchers' promoting activity days aimed at the recently retired. and its been suggested to me to start with looking at type/adverts of their era. and jo suggested i start with making a kind of sub brand to start with and the rest will come together. i was going to make abrand last once i seen all the images i made. but i went with it anyway n well she was right!giving myself that start has enabled me to envisage whats next for the final much clearer now.

i dont want to put any images up as theres a dozen or so i havent decided on. but more when i have it
cheeky bit letterpress tomorrow see what comes out fo that.

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