Monday, 21 December 2009

The Beginning...

Ive titled this post the beginning as this is exactly what its about.
The way i see it the purpose of this blog is that is serves as a Personal professional development tool, ands acts as a soundboard and a record for not just my thoughts and whats going on but what im learning also in the proffessional environment.
and recent activites, i think im going to be learning a fuck of a lot, and drawing upon what i have learnt in and out of college.
-So what the fucks all this then?...

some of u know already ive been applying for work, the kind of work i want to do when i finish this course. yeah it ballsed up and i nearly ruined our last project focusing on it. But it was still time well spent, i have an online portfolio i can so easily fire off and instantly show my work, ive more experience talking to employers, ive drawn so much from the lakes of experience from our tutors, facilities and stuff as part of our college that i never knew existed last year all of which adding more to my job application armoury.
and then this happened...ive kept quiet on whole about some previous employment but one such job has led me onto a brand new project working with an owner of a hairdressers [bizarrely] transforming his space into an art gallery. is a very forward thinking idea, it sound like chalk and cheese but listening to the guys zeal and energy, and seeing the place itself, am well up for it. and it comes with a healthy dollop of challenges ive not encountered before.
firstly i have to create of body of work to fill the space by around the time we hae to get back to college. this is great love it love it love love it!!not my first working under pressure, but not quite on this scale, and for the public consumption as it wer. 
this in itself has made me think and use our research tools, who's going to buy this?what do they want?what do they have to spend?
and had some interesting times making a note of what people wear, who they are, learning their likes attitudes etc all helps, n i like im using something i learnt. i probably wouldnt of even questioned the type of people who go there, but now i know thyre quite well off decent/affluent proffessional sorts, who have enough to spend some cool money on their appearance and their backgrounds and ambitions stands a solid chance of them being interested in the genre i work in and actually paying for a piece of it they can keep forever. if thyre going to spend on something to last a few weeks months, then the money theyd spend on a lovely piece of contemporay art is a bargain. and will liven up the salon some n all, which im sure will do his custom a world of good.
Ill keep his name and the address private for now before things start rolling proper. ut hes well on it, and knows exactly what would sell for how much.i was being modest at first, but well this is my first venture into this realm of producing something creative, letting loose in the wild and seeing if anything comes back. 
please dont feel im going into this with every confidence of being some kind of major success, i dont think my heads that far up my own arse to realise im simply not amazing, or clever or skilled to pull off some kind of artistic coup. but i have made a modest living from it in the past and i have the kind words of encouragement from my peers to fuel me into jus bloody well going for it!!
so i lookin to get out of this real world experience, dealing with money such as pricing commission percentages etc and importantly what the public like and want, what works and what doesnt.selling a couple print on top of this will definately be an added bonus. 
and im keen to get others involved im at such a hive of creativity at lcc i can peel off a lists of names off the top of my head who could also take a lot from this and im talking with him about rotating people over the course of this year. 
all in all an outstanding opportunity and a chance to give something to people who have supported and encouraged me. if you are reading this and this sounds like something you could be interested in, im a freindly guy come say hi and ill be happy to put your work forward im in the same boat as everyone else so why wouldnt i?
something else of note
this also relates to some conversations with other students of setting up our own exhibition in one of the gallerys at college, as a channel for more artistic urges and i was delighted ot be let in on this little idea.
and another you ought to hear about sooner or later from one of the design innovation students is a meet where we can discuss our work and projects with others from mix of different courses and getting allsorts of different flavoured feedback.i cant believe its not being done already actually.
2010 looks to be good and im still thankful to be where i am

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