Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mode 2 @ Lazarides

Mode 2; this is has been one of my favourite artists over time. i completely look up to his style of drawing and art. its incredibly skilled and just damn cool. his art has inspired me for years and i was genuinely delighted to find some of his recent work at Lazarides

what i particuly like about seeing his work up close, infact any artist is getting right up to it and seeing the quality of the stroke of brush/pencil/medium. its speed and get a better idea and well more ideas of approaching my own work

his new stuff was done on cardboard, as with alot of other work there and this is something im well up for playing about with. at a later stage ill upload some work i found from previous exhibition where artists have painted on found material such as old wood, rusty metal etc and i think this is a fantastic idea to work with.really contributes to the imagery.

-worth noting i personnaly prefer his older work.and is worth checking out

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