Saturday, 5 December 2009

'Grifters' show @ lazarides

Great exhibition. I really like stuff like this, its really clever and interesting, and always some really good skill on offer too. im delighted such a thing exists, recognising great work. complete difference to what i saw and wrote about with the saatchi gallery.
the fact such a place exists ,and recognising the future of this kind of art. i feel its wrong to call it street art and i feel uncomfortable saying that.
this gallery always just makes me want to paint paint paint n jus get completely mad creative, and also it feels as if achievable, that with enough drive and passion we could all put our work here.

its situated just off oxford street, easy to find. id also check out the stolen space gallery on brick lane they have a brand new massive exhibiton with artists like d'face showing[infact looks like they have bloody loads as of yesterday] hoping to check this out very soon

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