Monday, 28 December 2009

RECYCLING GRAPHICS *festive edition*

Bit of a laugh this really
i love it but i HATE hp printer/scanner i got its just such a massive arse to scan things in its just such a massive fannying about with poxy little photosmart studio that isnt smart at all and just irritates me it wont save into photoshop and its a massive massive arse just saving it elsewer so i can edit them and upload etc and now its not even scanning and just being completely shit i hate it so much i could cry

now thats out the way, these daft images where quite a laugh even to make. in fairness i again took alot from it, letterpress is still new to me and thers so much i want to say about it. this was, if anything, regurgitating what i learnt from it and seeing what else i could do.

and first time using glyphs!thers a massive load of em!thyre great fun!

I did these by using a job lot of old screenprints which i had previously cut to A6 size originally for the collages, to use as backgrounds or just saving my nice white card for stencils or something.

on their own these cropped bits of peculiar mistakes and colours where quite fun, and just lobbed them on top of some lumps of type and this happened. 
-obviously its rude, but its fun. and i wanted something silly that ud know was from me. 
did take it a little too far with the 'you c**t' ones, they were a limited edition and intended for one particular individual [roland aka massive Git] who loved it, and turned out this particular one was one of the most popular!!went down a treat!
funny how different things turn out when u let it loose in the wild. was secretely tempted with giving one to letterpress alex for a laugh as he has oceans of hatred for xmas cards. but i like letterpress and i wna continue with it so i wont be getting on anyones wrong side there. and i hear hes quite handy with one of them pointy futura 'x's 

Something else of note, this time last year, i was obsessed with screenprinting, and infact the whole studio and all the processes we could do. and im almost ashamed of not making more use of it this year. too much going on i suppose , but, if u read my previous post, ive a serious reason for thinking up and making new images to work with which was my major problem with not screenprinting this year. and photography too, its mostly been chucking armfuls of film a ian and scanning them in, no developing at all. 

-Perhaps i should put up a few of my photo experiments and ramble about what ive learnt from them. my biggest issue with this practice is coming accross as a bit of a dick to anyone else thinking i know it all n so amazing, im still figuring stuff out and im enjoying it so ill jus have to get over it and stick two fingers up at anyone who thinks otherwise.

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