Thursday, 3 December 2009

uni stuff

a few of the things i liked from the show round college at the moment.

i was really taken by the dr jekyll+mr hyde book on the table near the canteen. i really liked the layouts and i loved the way it had different papers some transparent so the layouts matched the next pages and you could see thru, even forming images.and the way images where used in agranyish black and white. and just adding extra odd mad stuff, who says a book has to be pages, and then this person throws in a couple envelopes and the like as pages. good stuff.

i think this some of the MA work. to be honest its great but i expected a little more. more in terms of fantastic and new ideas, i htought it was all great dont get me wrong and ive alot of work to do to meet their standards. its just for MA level i expected to see completely off the wall bizarre ideas.

talking of off the wall ideas-chat to some of the people doing product design.just about anything they do is just a bit beyond words.

keep an eye out for a giant flourecent pink flying arrow tommorw [the kind of arrow that points at things; not shot from a bow]

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