Tuesday, 15 December 2009

this was an amazing day!i loved it thought it was great fun, i really like the way we do things, putting up all our collages when handing them in, it gets us and anyone else to judge them but in a more interesting way i like this.

up here you can see a handful of some of my own i quite liked. some of the better ones i didnt photograph for some reason. im sure ill make a special post on my faves i think they deserve it. im going to upload some of my faves from other peoples work too

we did start out trying to co-ordinate some form of structure and it kinda happened but fell into a shambles. but i think what happened at the end was best way to do things for this, and that was for everyone to display them as they like!-there was ones coming off the ceiling dangling accross the gallery, on the floor, forming large shapes-brilliant!
i love days like these great fun. i was lucky enough to have a small squad of people from other courses check it out and gave me some solid feedback to chew on. and thanks to you
and thanks to darren for the cheeky beer!

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