Tuesday, 15 December 2009

different research

After the assessment, and even before it, i knew i could use a bit more research into my project. So i attended the workshop held by some of the 3rd years with an open mind and was delighted to find i could bend the stuff we were doing to work for my project.
we were offered a table of mad bit and bobs and was outlines the different approaches we could use in our research and the different info it could yeild. Similar to Orlaghs workshop right at the beginning but with a bit more figure out how you can use it for your own project n just go out and do it !
at first i really thought how the F am i going to use any of this mad stuff to conduct research, and something interesting/fun enough to take into the great outdoors and experiment on real people.
Luckily i found myself with a decent team member and something very workable came out of it. Normally i dont work well in groups, i can find my best freind turning into my worst enemy and can quickly become frustrating for all when a hundred solid but varied ideas come up but none we can all agree upon.

The idea we had was to use this box of different coloured beads,and a set of button bags, and to use each colour to represent a different theme. this worked well for us both as the themes we chose were relevant to each of our target audiences for our project:
money issues
being greener
more excersize
more holidays
more work etc etc

the aim was to approach people of various ages and backgrounds and ask them to pop a bead or however many beads into a bag for each theme they felt they needed most.

the results where very interesting, and in the time we had we were still able to take something from it. but with only a limited amount 

it was particuly interesting being able to 'see' the research layed out on a table of different coulours and sizes of beads. 

very interesting little project,i took alot from it and it has streched my thinking about the project. ill be trying more of this in the future

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