Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Formative assessment 8/12/09

this was alrite! n alot less painful than i was expecting
so for those of you yet to do it, nothing to worry about its good! dont listen to those lies circulating that you have to present your work on the projector to all the 2nd years as well like spyros breifly believed.
i was expecting something akin to a crit where we stand up and describe our work, and these are good but can get a little tedious after litrally the 20th one in th day
so i liked how we did this and really took alot from this

one thing i do wna say before i move on im really liking the way this course does things, it feels very forward thinking and cutting edge. at first i was dubious about some things but i think now im going to digest everything on offer and see where it leads me i gta lot of faith with what were all going to be doing.

firstly i learnt soemthing really significant and for any of you bothering with reading this should take note-turns out the PDFs we have to do a really significant!i knew coming on this course that working progress/process was expected/celebrated -one of the reasons i joined-  i put 99% of my effort into the final outcome, presenting it in a fancy plastic sleeve n all that n got a low mark for presentation which spooned me out a bit. it was becuase my PDF was shite and didnt explain how i got to the end

amazing, fuck it am well up for pdf's, im happy i jus need to switch a bit of effort into that, i saw them as more of an afterthought, an add on kind of thing. not at all, so that was a solid learning curve for me. and pdfs are great for sharpening my layout skills n all that so im well up for that

and another reason i like this course, i much prefer that we do pdfs instead of labouring over a sketchbook storming thru pritt sticks and print outs. 

moving forward with my project:

I aim to look further into type heirarchy, i knew mine needed work but i felt happy with it. which was all bollocks so ill learn more on that

sort my pdf right out

jibb off the colour outcome as it takes away from the energy of the original image i used

expand on my sub brand.

ill upload my recent final soon, for some reason my images didnt upload. i think it has to be jpegs for this site?

all in all happy with my feedback now i know how and what to spend my time on everything ll b sweet

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