Sunday, 23 May 2010

AIRSIDE studio visit

Airside studio.other than this we would of had no idea it was a leading design studio from the humble front door on the angel high street

again its encouraging to see alot of ideas generation and these grrrreat fancy projects start off from the humble thumbnail drawing. cool characters here too
[also blogger still being a total arse about uploading images the right way round even tho i edited and saved them properly]

a design studio busy at work!

encouraging to see around us the tool we use such as macs, but also all the fun and interesting books,posters and items of just awesomeness

The airside studio visit was very interesting in different ways. They predominantly worked with animated screen based media, which isnt something i would wish to specialise in.regardless i took alot form it

importantly hwo the studio operates, again how each during a project is assigned a role, and how things such as the animations are requried to have an incredible skill to produce, are outsourced to trained animators.phew.
also listeneing how the design studio survived through the recession.

some interesting point how smaller offshoot design agencies from companies such as 'mckanns' which is the big daddy of 'saints' studio who createc the decode exhibition designs are making MUCH MORE CREATIVE AND FREER WORK. i guess a portfolio with deep sense of creativity is a bonus. -i really need to strengthen my concepts. PROBLEM SOLVING thats what its all about

always establish a good working dialogue with your good to them.they will come back and give you more cash

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