Saturday, 22 May 2010

workshop.11 - inspiration follow up

following on from my reflection on the urban camoflage workshop ive gone to look back at the collection of work thats inspired me [and been meaning to make a post about!] similar to the style id like to adopt for a pattern and process.

for one, using a pattern made from the rubbings i have taken, and another using collage of adverts from newspapers etc. this could be very promising-and using bright vivid colours to 'dazzle' and 'divert' -although the advert has been deliberately designed to shout at you and grab your attention we generally actively try to ignore them. the perfect camoflage. -unexpected and ignored. -yet with great possibilites for some shit hot imagery!

also for the london characters, although i have explored that fully ,for a long time ive been clamouring to make some imagery using screenprinted collage and truly get back into working with good colour combinations.

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