Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Workshop.9-VERNACULAR TYPE [hand made type]

delighted with this workshop!brilliant!  really hoped for an excuse to go mad with ,well anything that can make an image! ah im going to do do loads with this tomorrow!

before i explain this workshop im delighted because not only do i have an excuse to use what i want and as much of it, but also tie to something i really want to work more with-type. its proper graphic, yet also the outcomes will be very illustrative,personal, and creative. not only all of this creative joy this will tie in beutifully with the self initiated project ive been chewing on following on from Jo's 'distort hevetica' workshop where you distort helvetica but only using illustrator-and im going to modify this to also includ imported digital images of london, textures of london etc so i can continue this but i aim to use lower case helvetica stictly hand made-theres so much im going to do with this tomorrow, not just letterpress, but all the joys of the print studio, screenprint, solar plate, mono print,possibly dry-point/etch, and also the joys of the darkroom n all!

Vernacular basicly means hand made. check out ed fella.that.
David said this is all about going old skool-drawing it-go mad wherever your creativity leads you
mind lead me to the letterpress room!
we only had about an hour n a bit to do it so i rushed down there with a wax crayon and took rubbings of lower case Helvetica. i tried a few ways of doing it,deliberately distressing the outcome, focusing on the edges, the center and the gestures of my mark making
at first i mixed it with orange-as the upper case would be yellow. i soon decided against it, as the upper case letters would be much more illustrative in nature similar to how thyre used in old bibles, and would want it simply of the letter itself distorted
im going to be scaning in the results, mixing them with pencil/pen drawings, filling them in etc etc-basicly going n having loads of fun with it!

some of my favourite work from fellow students.some really good work!

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