Wednesday, 5 May 2010

'Studio On Fire'-LETTERPRESS AMAZING WORK calender

I found these amoungst all he stuff on recently
REALLY LIKE IT!-its letterpressed too apparently, but its the images i really like, i think it mus have been solar plate process see how thrye slightly embossed, id loved to achieve that effect

ive been thinking of doing something similar for my GDF project form first term, if i can source good enough imagery for tw other token i made it should be incredible, some of the work i put into that was very effective, as ive said before ive never been overly confident withbranding but i feel what i produced for that after much trial and error was simple but very effective, and i did try alot of letterpress for that and it would really appeal to the target audience and the classic/recently retired proffessional feel im trying to acheive with it-and what better than a classic and recently retired proffessional process to do it with!

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  1. I met these guys at the opening for the film "Typeface" at the Walker Art Center last year in Minneapolis where they are based. Really amazing stuff!