Wednesday, 5 May 2010

IAN FRANCIS @ lazarides gallery

Popped by here after the workshop on the offchance as it was close to where we were. OMG THIS WORK IS SO SPECIAL!!! i really truly deeply love this work its so deep!its so well crafted!!! such a fucking superb use of old techniques with modern. mixing oil paint and fine pen work and i reckon mixing a cheeky bit of photos in some backgrounds

i reckon hes used a bunch of layers and even some simple masking tape to make these fine lines and compositions

what i really like visiting work like this in galleries is going right up close to it, being able to see the brush strokes, whats gone over what and maybe even what medium and sometimes-if i can get away with it, gently touching it to feel the courseness or thickness of paint used

seeing this made me think i really wished i studied fine art. but it wasnt long before i knew where my heart should be.and thas where i am now and where im going.
specially finding that preious poster work in the previous post

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