Monday, 3 May 2010

Kew Gardens

Had a cheeky visit to kew gardens last week while the weather was enjoyable.

I must warn you, as nice as it was its £11.50 to get in! My uncle says he remembers when it was 1p to get in.n hes not particuly old

But was very nice indeed, there where some lovely colours and things of interest to discover.its so big too!!if you go id recommend plenty film/battery for your camera, go early in the day and bring a packed lunch

but i enjoyed it, i want to go to rishmond park next, as thats free and theres some brilliant trees in there. and trees are another thing ive rememberd that i think are brilliant.

-as you see i dont have many amazing pictures to show you, as i mostly use a film camera to make double getting better and better at this process and really getting into manipulating and creating insane images.

Different 'themed' area are dotted about the place,and wasnt too busy when we were there

the fish wer great!!i loved the fish bit!!got some wicked double exposures of them!!

this tree was great

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