Sunday, 23 May 2010

workshop.13-SCALE PART 2

following on from scale part one where we looked at the reality and idea of scale we put this into use by making a 3-d scale model of a section of london in a group.

we decided on using a table as our 'canvas'
provided materials to work from
we took the idea of scale and applied it to perspective...
by doing so we would have the far away landmark made small in comparison to closer landmarks and buildings
little bit silly but relevant,we used a giant default toilet door man not just represent scale but how in london rheres always someone just infront of your periferal vision

as we were basing this ona view looking from tower bridge-a very touristy area we felt it was quite apt too!

also it works as good scale too, we used smaller and smaller profile characters further down the viewpoint we set up to encourage the sence of SCALE and PERSPECTIVE.

We focused on building specific landmarks, such as HMS belfast there

the other groups  good effort

All in all a good encouraged thinking and doing i wouldnt of ventured into otherwise.overall i wasnt that into it simply because im not really into making 3-dimentional things but it has lead onto other self initiated ideas in collaberation with another student making a 3-d robot, taking my drawings off the page. but well my robot obsession has absolutely nothing to do with london or this workshop at all. but itll be fun as well!

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