Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Workshop.10-Scale London part1

so this was a very interesting a different workshop.very pleased i took part in it.

this was all about looking at london-the parts of london that make it what it is, the buildings, parks, statues,monuments and what they reflect/say about london.

My favourite was 'the island' by Stephen Walter, a hand drawn map with personal-not literal reflections on places-check it out i saw it on the news a while back and was delighted we went to see it!
and this exhibition of maps in the british library is really cool to look at these mad OLD OLD maps, really good-but no photos!

'newton' by eduardo paolozzi outside the british library. its fitting as this is a place of learning. also this sculptor has quite a modern take on his work, so if fitting it shows the building/place as forward thinking, modern, and as a place of learning
i just quite liked the door to get in so took a sly picture
a city is not just the things in it but the things that HAVE HAPPENED in it. a city is affected by these things. this is a monument to the 7/7 london bombs, the bus bomb occured just over the road from this site

the buildings themselves make a statement of what it is this is giving a sence of grandness. this is the univerity of london, im told is the best university in the uk at the moment.

I also had a picture of a park to show how this open space is still enclosed-by buildings. but blogger just deleted it and i cant be arsed to do this whole post again for the sake of a single picture
this was a wicked little 3-d map of london. the white buildings are the modern ones. it showed future development.i just really wanted to do my own godzilla scene and stomp all over it
this was an interesting type map, the shape of london listing the problems within london, with brighter colours of text where the problem is most acute

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