Monday, 24 May 2010


i got to really like rachels style and workshops so i came with high hopes.
i had just spent the morning doing scale 3-d maps and wasnt as full of motivation and keenery as i could of been. felt the whole maps thing got a bit stale by this stage.....
....until i started!!!!!
The workshop was quite open and relaxed, the brief was simply to make a personal map of london. draw it collage it whatever you wish, i started a simple drawing -black pen and white paper- and really got into it!!really went mad with the detail!!
whats really fueled my fire is that i havent drawn to this degree of concentration and attention to detail for YEARS so this really made me happy and really encouraged
I basicly started working on a memory map, i began with my current home area but quickly changed to work on the area i grew up in. as this was a PERSONAL map i felt it more apt to follow this approach to show more of myself and my memories. and it reallu worked! i feel ive made a very interesting proposition
at the same time i feel ive failed spectacularly by not including enough text/information of my memories. i did approach this by integrating quick one or two word memories or impressions into the illustration itself
i feel this could be worked further by adding some kind of diagram or side panel with arrows pointing to areas with the memory attached written out this would work is a little tricky. but my first wish is to display the quality and interest of the illustration in my book
by doing so i aim to experiment with having large blow-ups of the image accross two pages which fold out into a detailed large scale image.and when folded back into its original housing the front will have the orginal size so if you were just scanning through the book all the relevant info is still there

these are some details of the draqing. the final image is still only a4 but the detail is tiny, for the sake of this blog [and probably for my bok] ive enlarged particular areas 

ive drawn here lots of tunnes and train tracks which i remember vividly accross the local landscape.just behind my house we had the forgotten little tunnel under one of these tracks, was still used, but was really old and just uncared for and really low and echo-y. we used to set off fireworks in there for that reason. and further down was this maze of shortcuts and alleys ,one of which was bordered by just wasteland and some gypsies moved in with all horses. the horses wer really freindly.
'bird shit bridge'.pretty self explanatory really. notice the 'rip off' petrol station. its details sucha as this why i ought to enlarg the image

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