Monday, 8 February 2010

All ears week 4 final illustration [and development]

the top image is the final

i thought it would be a good idea to upload some of my development as this week i was using a computer to help create y illustration. im dead keen on some of the illustrations ive been looking at that have mixed beutifully a use of hand made things with computer programs. im generally quite hesitant about using a computer as im quite rusty and i think my two years in education should be spent pushing myself into using these things and bcoming familiar with them to add another weapon to my creative armoury.

for this week i again had 3 solid idea i anted to pursue and previous weeks have seen me do all three or end up mixing all three into one final. i was told quite clearly 'to do this idea and ignore the others' which is exactly what i needed to hear!

in my imagination i saw the final looking like somethign akin to a 50's era horror movie poster with the horrorfied woman being terrorized by,in this case, the two twins as irritating poisinous wasps. i think having them hold and point at the jam jars should have been more clear but im quite content with the final outcome.

i started by drawing each image and simply scanning it and using the levels in photoshop finishing them to a good standard. as i mentioned i am quite rusty on photoshop and took me an insultingly long time to get my head around just using layers to edit the composition. i was going into indesign and faffing about there which was a complete waste of time but i figured it eventually!

once i made a composition i was happy with i took another look and felt the image wasnt strong enough so took the drawings again and worked on them some more making them more defined

i re-made the same composition and took it into illustrator to make these kind of shock effects. i wanted to make each line by hand but had difficulty with the 'object-send to back' as the first image is white so they wouldnt show. this was quite frustrating as i easily could of printed it out and done the lot by hand

possibly made it look better too but i wanted to try it. in the end i made a black box and put a white star in it and tried out a few with different amount of points until i found something adequately dramatic.

as with all of these illustrations i want to revisit them and try out 3 or 4 different processes for each and see which works the best and maybe present these again. i like these and i like this project i enjoyed it and im keen to revisit them for my portfolio too.

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