Friday, 19 February 2010

seLF INITIATED-[more] Double Exposures.2 black+white film

some of the better ones from the latest film
ive got litrally 100's from this year but these are the first ive scanned the negatives
the colour one was mostly crap images which is why i only took a few out.but they are pretty cool and i liked them. always interesting these things

Im planning on putting these altogether into a book.-this is what id like to do for the collage extension project. 
it originally started as some spreads i did for a project on the ABC graphic design diploma last year. the feedback from both teachers and students was great and turned out to be a very successful project, and ive been meaning to continue with it, do a stack more spreads and produce a finished polished book.

i emailed darren and he said to email the fda collage group thing. which sound slike it meets the brief then but ill email them guys anyway see what they only concern was that this is collages made from photography not cut out paper and if that doesnt answer the brief is my only query.-i also wna do some other mad thing one day for this project using every possible process available in college for one image. but more on that another time

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  1. i love the 1st one so cool...u must teach me as u promised ;o) x