Sunday, 28 February 2010

DECODE [digital interactive exhibition]

This was a fascinating little exhibition-and at the V+A too!!? fascinating for all. i just loved the weirdness and how you could be part of it, there wer touch screen music videos and was fun spinning a face or street around in 3d.
i strange wall with moving things that could see your shadow, i think you could paint this wall using just movement, some leaves projected onto the floor that somehow got swept away as you walked. a world of things you wouldnt believe real. check it out!well worth it! [kept getting fucked off with people hogging all the good stuff or getting in the way of me making a shadow, but it was very busy, we just went in at a time with a prat with no consideration, so go in the morning]

-also took friggin loads of double exposures!!mixed up the digital madness with the centuries old sculpture.wil be uploading them next week when developed!

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