Saturday, 27 February 2010


Yesterday was a brilliantly arty and creative day for me. started with an excellent walk along leake street, a day learning a new printing process [post later] and the evening a trip down east london seeing the excellent street art and the stolen space gallery
there wer some excellent offerings yesterday. i just love the way this place changes on a daily, if not hourly, basis
-some really well executed letters, well distorted and creative, and skillfully done. even the simple yellow one has an interesting style
-some brilliantly crafted characters-such skill!-simple green n black but fuck that is an excellent use of drawing-and with a spraycan!!??so hard to do!!
-and that beutiful character with the tattoos-great creativity great details i liked that idea alot.
and lots of cool stickers and even the odd collage!!
saw some grreat stuff in east london last night.ill make a seperate post to compare the two-alot of difference!

[gutted the way blogger doesnt upload images the right way round even tho i edited them!must be doing something wrong!]

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