Saturday, 27 February 2010

STOLEN SPACE gallery/Brick Lane street art

Only the top four images are stuff i found outside the gallery. I really liked the top image and the other in a similar style. i just loved the image, really well dran and that day i have learnt about lino cut/wood cut prints so that really appealed to see what else could be done with it

and is about as far away from 'graffiti' as it gets.LOVE IT.
there wer stacks of cool stickers n other bits n pieces but it was so cold outside and was with other people so didnt want to kick my heels too much arsing about with pictures of stickers.

the gallery itself is quite small, but has a decent amount in it n forces you to look more into the images themselves.and their print collection

shame we went so late theres a couple other galleries i really like round there but an otherwise excellent and creative graphics n graphics people

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