Monday, 1 February 2010

All Ears week 3 final illustration

the top image is my final. I know what im going to be told when i say my scanner has been complete git all morning and last night and for some completely random reason scans everything in a diagonal rectangle instead of the entire image. but somehow after the millionth attempt i got a half reasonable one.well at least of the entire image. [for at least the 3rd time ive mention on this blog my heart truly truly, with a burning passion, truly hates hewlett packard]

the image- this week i tried a different tack with my drawing. -i spent a lot more time drawing and i forced myself to spend my time on exactly ONE drawing, and not spreading it out accross several half decent pictures.with this week in particular i had a few really solid ideas i really wanted to pursue and i think by forcing myself to do just one finished piece ive almost mixed in some of the other ideas. in the background you can see the or a stripper on a break reading a book on science/algebra hidden in a copy of heat magazine. in the foreground the stripper has a coin slot and a clockwork key to get her robotics working for her to dance.

personal reflection; i think i may have tried to do too much at once maybe, i feel the background image would of been a stronger finished piece in relation to the text, or possibly cropping down the image to the other strippers coin slot belly and clockwork key. i also feel the decision to do this drawing the the strippers upper half exposed may have been a bad choice as this is for the guardian and the editors may not appreciate that even if it is a drawing.

but this week im far happier with my finished piece than any ive done so far. i have said i ould re-do the previous one but with this i may keep it, and develop it further in the print studio with colour.

the reason why ive taken this approach and done it in black+white and in different sized drawing pens is becuase i want to try out a bunch of ways to draw and convey a personal style. Ie said before how im comfortable and enjoy using a gel pen for life drawing. this is a progression from that and a development using different sizes and i feel like ive discovered something new. also after the etching i really liked the quality of an ultra thin line and it is half inspired by that. yes i feel the image could use more polishing up and possibly cropping but i think it has alot of visual information form an interesting view of the text and is better executed than previous projects.
i think maybe this text just had alot more to work with?

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