Monday, 22 February 2010

say hello to ROBBIE THE ROBOT!

robbie the robot.he's a top metal geezer

he likes to eat batteries and can do simple sums. when we go to sleep he turns off and has to be plugged in the wall to be recharged

-i think this little beginnings of a project marks my tip toe of an arrival into the realms of illustrator n proper computer design work. and i am feeling quite chuffed with myself i must say

as ive always said im quite hesitant, n a little bit scared almost of using computers to do my work, but i so want to embrace it n mix hand made with digital.-and im actually going to do that in a bit of a schitzophrenic way with this mini project....

...its to be parts of a mini childrens book for the OKIDO illustration project. the other images are going to be hand drawn with handwriting of a human.and will be about the differences of 'HUMAN VS ROBOT' and well with a title like that it took just about all of my maturity not to do a comic stip of some mental fight between a human and a robot [terminator!-its been done before]
so ive deliberately tried to make it a bit 'cute' and i do quite like it!made me quite happy i enjoyed this squidge of work this evening

...oh and when i say using a mix of hand made and digital, i mean litrally mixing it-not side by side as im doing for this project.

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