Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Week 3 all ears roughs

this weeks roughs...

ive picked 3 of my favourites again this week, two in particular take my fancy and have differing approaches i feel work well.

The top image i envisage as almost slighty abstract-y, in the foreground you see an image of one of the twins and an exact copy of that image just behind her looking sideways at the distance where you can see the profile of a waitress. i feel this sums up alot of what happens in the text. the two twins glaring at the waitress holding a closed pot of jam. simple but effective i feel. i realy dont like the way ive drawn it here, it is a rough but id like ot use colour this week and i may even paint it

the second image down [and another variant of the same idea right at the bottom] is as if some kind of horror poster, as if 'attack of the complaining wasp twins' in the center you see a horrified waitres bein 'attacked' by the two twin wasps- even though there is no reference in the text i really strongly envisage these twins as being relatively quite old; with curly blue rinsed hair, brown cardigans, daily mail, that kind of thing. the waitrose reference and their attitude supports this for me. so i would want the wasps to have a human like quality they both have, such as a handbag [i feel drawing a waitrose carrier bag might enfringe on some kind of copyright law if this were being done for real] brown cardigan and blue rinsed curly hair on both of them also to show they are twins. I quite like this, i feel if i draw it properly it may work quite well screenprinted if i can which id quite like to do to all of my finals if i can before the assessment

the third image down from the top is a simple scene of the two twins as wasps. i feel this is an obvious image to choose as that reference in the text is screaming to be illustrated and i feel alot of people may have a similar idea. i will portray them eating jam, with bags by their 'feet' and the table overly laden with jam jars. in the distance id like to have some default profiles of waitresses, without expression to try and convey the twins' contempt towards them as if they arent even proper people theselves. this possibly forming a pattern to convey further that they encounter this in many places/all over the place.

i like all i feel they convey the text and i may continue with the style i used last week using fine pens and finding ways to incorporate colour. possibly screenprinted, possibly painted, possibly drawn onto coloured paper and cut out. out of the three im personally torn between the very top abstracty-ish one and the 50's-ish horror-ish poster-ish style.

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