Wednesday, 17 February 2010

helvetica_experimenting with illustrator-jo's workshop1

LOVED IT!yes! love jo's worksop primarily as they really make me feel like im LEARNING. dont get me wrong im learning in everything i do here at LCC but with this, these computer based creative work is something ive always said i NEED and WANT to work on. i say it to myself so many times during the day. 
-I wouldnt say i lak the motivation to go and sit with my laptop and have a cheeky play, its just i dont know what i can get from it, and i dont know how to do it, and somethings i could do in seconds if it was physical seem impossible or long winded on the computer. 

But i love these workshops. thyre fun!Jo gave us a fun little brief yesterday, im quite chuffed i got the first letter of the alphabet to work on and i hope I did something interesting enough as a surface peice to the rest.
-brief was , given a letter, and using illustrator pesonalise it, distort it do what you want with it but keep it still looking helvetica. This was a great brief to dive into illustrator. I NEVER DO THIS ENOUGH!ILLUSTRATOR IS GREAT!theres something about it that feels really modern and designery about it. 

i really like this brief and im tempted with continuing the entire alphabet as a self initiated, only using computer tools to distort it how i like. This would be great to test out a bunch of styles and finally put to use what i been saying all year. to use the computer and understand it and even blend hand made images with digital. this is where i see my future. and once complete my look a beutiful page for a portfolio

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