Saturday, 30 January 2010

London Art Fair

there was so much to see here i actually couldnt see it all

-student tip-me and my accomplice got in for free! i like to visit them small independant gallerys you see here and there and having a freindly chinwag in one of the they gave me a complimentary ticket for me and another!brilliant.-normally £15!

its always exciting to see things sold for hundreds of pounds that have been made using processes we have readily available at college
a large percentage wer simple screenprints, some using different kinds of inks onto different surfaces.not rocket science, what we all lack is a name recognised by the general public.
for example the skulls are screenprints by Hirst, each went for a few thousand. later in the show i saw a beutiful oil painting of a window that went for about a tenth of the price. it did twang something in my memory to want and wish i could use oil paints as well. but there was a massive stack of bizarre and interesting things and stacks to enjoy and thik about. i was also delighted to see some work on display from a previous teacher.

I also learnt a little bit about the law in regard to appropriating a rcognised image within a painting. i saw someone had used iconic cartoon characters in their paintings and asked how they are able to get away with this. according to the owner it was because it is classified as an 'original art' and not something like say a t-shirt that is mass produced. also the characters wer taken out of context.i think this is one subject id like to look into further. i find something like that more useful for my futura as opposed to the history of art i mentioned in the previous post. both have valid merits, its jsut at the moment im facing more challenges with somethin im doing that certainly fringes on some kind of copyright law

id recommend this show for anyone thinking of it next year. just eat before you go and have plenty coffee!

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