Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Analysis of the written word; first thoughts

i just wanted to make a post about what i did in college today before i fall asleep on my computer and forget bits of the day

for starters; THIS PROJECT IS AMAZING!i am completely delighted i chose this project, it was a hard choice between a handful of them but after today i feel dead set on doing this and that i made a good choice

i was torn between this and jo's project about self promotion in an interesting way- this would of benefitted me as a project and improved my graphic skills on the computer+online

and darrens one to make the world a more beutiful place or osmething, this also sounded amazing and i would of loved it.the reason why i didnt choose this was because i feel in alot fo my previous projects and in my own time i seem to have spent alot of time following quite artistic and experimental paths. and this is compltely amazing, but i feel for my personal development it would of been better for me to take these aspect and apply them in a different area.
-and editorial illustration IS JUST THE THING!!!YESS!!

from just today i love this subject-making images from words!amazing!u have something to go on too which is sweet, giving you a reason, INSPIRATION to do something,which a thing i sometimes lack and need more of.
from a few go's on the sample text ive tons of ideas.i could do tons of stuff on this text alone, even with one idea i have i could do a dozen different outcomes-which is also my main problem:what and how will i achieve the outcome?

its beutiful, hearing the words 'artistic' 'do it anyway u like'

but im now like a child in a sweetshop which do i try first?im concerned mostly about my own style emerging which is why im going to go down the hand drawn route-was going to be this and screenprinted,but with out time i think the drawing alone will suffice. and hopefully finished crisply in illustrator which i do need to seriously spend time on; something else i remember karl mentioning ;dont just do something you know all about;altho dont try something completely alien like using acrylics if u never done it before.

but im relatively confident with my drawing skills, and altho i have a rudimentary [at best] grasp of illustrator i feel this is a sound marriage of tools and approaches necessary for this project, my aspirations and personal development.

i was going to go into what it is exactly i will do, but im gna leave that until the morning when i upload my roughs

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