Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First Roughs. All Ears editorial illustration 20/11/2010

3rd idea...
2nd idea

1st ideas

-one of my first ideas, but not necessarily my favourite but this is where i started. The concept is basicly similar to my previous illustration; to convey the mood and conversation between the group of men on a train. The focus of the conversation not so much about cars but their cousin who through the narrative is basicly a bit of a dodgy geezer. 
-so in the speech bubble i may put the burning car, and have the burning coming off the characters as well to demonstrate their dismay and unhappiness about this cousin is now behaving. or i may jus simply use a broken car or normal cars to highlight the nature of the conversation.
-this led me onto another idea of drawing a small portrait of the cousin as this wheeler-dealer delboy type character in the speech bubble..which led me to the thought of doing that as the actual illustration...
[can i just say im getting irritadet at the way images upload not in the order i expect and is very difficult trying to move them around so apologies for the image/supporting text relationship]

My 2nd solid idea which im much more interested in pursuing is to do a Portrait of this cousin the men are discussing. It would be in the style of a portrait with the images supporting the narrative, so i would have a character of the cousin as a kind of del-boy type of character with his nice 4bedroom house in the backgound, next to his car put up on bricks and burning to claim on the insurance, also in the background mixed into some knd of landscape would be the train with this 'group of men' peering out across the scene with a 'bitter' and 'judgemental' look on their faces.

My 3rd idea which is a bit more off the wall, is for the illustration to be the image of money, of 3 notes. each note depicting a different scene from the narrative, and instead of the queen, the image of the cousin. the idea about how he cant be trusted with money, so possibly each note something random like a£7 note of something. and having the notes themselves grubby and fire damaged to support the narrative. and possibly of the two men having the conversation on the other notes.
each note would have that elaborate text on it supporting the image saying "smelt like pine trees" "burnt for the insurance" "no shoes allowed", with an image illustrating the particular parts of the narrative, so the broken back window, the burning car, the fancy house. and each note having a different value, the 1st being a fiver and going up in value.


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