Wednesday, 27 January 2010

life drawing-development and ethcing experiments

I thought it wise to upload images from a brief life drawing session last night as i sited it as how i may approach the style for this weeks illustration.

Im never particuly happy posting self initiated study simply out of modesty but as this is relevant...

you can see what i did was sketch out the model with a .7 gel pen.-i like these for a number of reasons, its quite graphicy, its unique, its brings out my drawing style and you can see how it is drawn, you can do mistakes but you can draw tone with line by holding it lightly or going over a line repeatedly.

once i had a feel for th image i took the pre-prepared etching plate and drew basicly the same image i just practiced, again from the model and this time using the sharp pointy end of a compass.

im not happy with the left eye and a few other parts but the second image is my favourite. although each has its own quality. ive only ever etched from life once and the results werre litrally either appalling or far batter than i expected.

for this plates ive used rusted steel. they work out about a pound each. i only learnt yesterday that each metal requires its own mix of acids in order to 'bite' into the metal. luckily i didnt spend tooo much but the aluminium i bought is fucked, but i was made to feel better to learn i can use it as drypoint as it is a soft metal. this ive barely touched upon so something new and beutiful has blossomed from that cock up

I have barely two years at this college. it is during this time we are to learn and progress. i am lucky to have full access to so many things so this is why i am charging into just about every experiement i can dream up with every process as much as possible to learn the mistakes and what works.

-and just to simply learn and develop so when im booted into the real world i have alot of experiments and preparation to draw upon when i wont have as much to me or access to develop progress learn and experiment so every spare minuite that print studio or computer room is open im straight down there. soon as the letterpress and photograpy lab open again im fucked

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