Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The end of the beginning....

So going against my natural instincts i think its going to be a good idea to post updates on everything, not just strictly what i do in college. [as i probably bleated on about in my previous post about this project] and i made a note of Karl today mentioning that blogs are used for all work, self initiated or otherwise[while looking at other illustrators blogs:-more ,much more on illustration project soon!]

Im currently stood off in my kitchen waiting for the guy im working with who owns the space-another lesson learnt as the designer/artist or whatever; u have to be on time-doesnt mean they have to! so instead of twiddling my thumbs and chain smoking thought it would be good prep to update about this project.

as a brief summary ive been asked to create a body of work for what is going to be a new gallery space.-see previous post cos i just cant be arsed to repeat myself and u dont wna read it

ive spent an offensive amount of hours on allsorts of things, yet i feel i have little to show for it, well not 'finished' pieces just yet anyway. its all been groundwork, so i have a solid handful of images ready to be printed, stencilled etc [its a fucker that the photography department is shut for the forseeable future-thats one weapon of my armoury i cant access for this-FUCK]

ther wer days infront of my desk or computer and by the end of it i felt i had nothing or back to square one and remembered there is a world outside of this project, but bringing it all together to the kitchen to go over it with the employer i realise there is stuff there, there was time spent.
this is going to be a session where [shit i just rememberd this] i need to ask for more time, much more time, as much as i can wrangle out of him. there is no way i will allow shite to be put up, also i really want to focus on this new project±!its brilliant![have to stop myself launching into one there..]
and i just need more time. but i respect the wishes of the 'client' [im still not quite used to this word, dont feel am worthy enough yet] and i want this to happen, so im gna have to do alot to make him happy.

NEWS FLASH so as i was writing this he turned up so a proper update:

everything was happy and hunky-dory , im delighted he liked, infact more than liked was quite into the stuff i liked and was pleased with.and again wasnt into what i wasnt either so im happy about that on that front. now ive really gta get f'n goin!

timescale i threw 2months at him. he really just wants to get up and running as soon as so if he can find someone with a body of work ready to go now ill slip in at a later date.which suits me.

as it stands im going to live in the print studio at college and the one i use near clapham and hopefully build a solid amount within just them two weeks. im confident with my college work specially regarding a specific technique wchich ill go into so should hopefully work out

still left me feelin a little shaky

the other thing has made me fee bad for reasons you might now first expect is the pricing and his commisson...

im quite modest so i offered modest prices, and as im doing it all i put a 25% commission down on the table. he knows his clients much better than i,and i know they got money and spend it in the hairdressers in the daytime, so he has a much better idea with pricing and will double what i offer.and his reasons are solid. £50-£60 is actually a bargain for a handmade stencil and if you have that kind of money where you'd spend £40-£100 odd quid on your hair it puts things into perspective.
So he's after hes just left i think this is fair. he has the clients,the space etc etc. i genuinely feel quite guilty and bad about offering him such a small amount. so that in itself has fueled me to really get my arse into gear, to do right by him and show him AND MYSELF that i can work under this amount of pressure and just fucking rise to this challenge!!im really bloody steeling myself for this i really want to be able to look back and say i can do this.
-one thing i never posted was my last job which was so was such a massive heave of effort everyday, i was truly dispairing.i had dreams i was stuck in the canvas and couldnt move
the deadline went back by a week twice, i repainted this mammoth canvas twice.TWICE~! but i got it done to a standard i was very happy with, and well its paid off again in its own way by those people introducing me to this project. so thats another reason to prove to myself, and as Karl was saying in his illustration lecture today-to work to deadlines and work well-so the clients will come back again and again!! each job isnt just about that immediate paycheck but an investment in future paychecks ive just learnt.

time for a cheeky dinner and another look at this amazing illustration project....

catherine smiths feedback on my blog was very interesting and helpful indeed.that and going on something else karl mentioned today im going to be posting more on my working progress. im going to do some of this personal work too, to share where i went wrong etc and to reflect on. i am genuinely quite modest so its difficult for me to share my personal work i dont want anyone to think i think im great in anyway.but im going to go against that and experiment with this way of doing future posts. all the best to everyone!

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