Saturday, 30 January 2010

VCT -timelines

in this weeks VCT session we had a practical to sort out and put in order i timeline of art styles and which was influences by which etc. 
I found this quite tricky as my art history knowledge is quite stunted and to be honest i havent seen the value in spending some time learning it. i would like to become familiar with it but not too much so, personally wish to look into and learn about things that personally interest and inspire me. but thats the whole point of further education -broadening my horizons and streching myself so ive made a mental note to spend time looking at much older influences of what inspires me. if that makes sense, almost a comprimise between what i should learn and what i want to

In this session our timeline is the most messy crazy one at the top. This represents not so much an exact timeline but a visual discussion where i and some of the others considered what we personally felt what inspired what, what elements we could recognise in different eras and styles.

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