Wednesday, 13 January 2010

First text-early shit roughs

immediately after reading the text i was thinking about using default anonymous figures to represent 'man 1' and 'man 2' one of them being 'in fucking bits'-this i knew for definate is what i wanted to focus on, i want to convey this mood and atmosphere and this to me is the most potent

the anonymous men i was htinking of the man symbol used for toilet doors-what i used for the info signs for the summer project [one of my first blog posts ]-using this method i might try one outcome this way, print out one of the toilet door men and chop it up/rip it up so it is 'in f*ng pieces'

-i am concerned with my personal style emerging and one of the strongest thing about my work i feel i i love hands on this may contribute.

i know from this early stage i want to play with the idea of bits, of an xmas theme and man 2's mood.

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