Wednesday, 27 January 2010

EARLY ROUGHS.all ears illustration WEEK 3

Im delighted with this weeks text. a few things have come together, this week im set on using fine drawing pens or possibly eveng an etching. but etching takes time and i think the end result wont further any communication, only a slim chance about the style. plus im using steel for an etching plate and apprently they have to make a special acid mixture for me to finish the plate for printing.

anyway i like this style of drawing. it was a lucky coincedence karl suggested i do more life drawing when i had pre arranged attending a session last night! in about 70-80% of my life drawing i like to use a .5 gel pen or one of them staedler liner pens, and once done make a copy and fil int he shading ina creative way and last night i did 2 etching plates with a needle which gives these incredibly fine lines i love

ANYWAY ABOUT THE ROUGHS- again ive focused on 3 main ideas, each i am particuly happy about this week, one more so than the others.

the top image will be of a stripper taking a break when it is quiet and reading some kind of intellectual book [like rocket science or algebra or something, but going on something in the text i will use the sceince of robotics as i interepreted that as not so much robotics as some dance but explaining the theories of it as an engineering thing] with this book hidden behind a copy of heat magazine as mentioned in the text. there will be a mirror reflecting her back so you see that inside this heat magazine is this intellectual book being hidden. also drawing the environment to show it is a lap dancing club, with the tabel having a pole on it too. 
-What i am trying to say with this is somehting along the lines of the stripper 'having to play the part' and that there is more to them than their body, and also that it is a choice out of enjoyment or simply employment and not forced [i say this as the debated are mentioned at the start]

the second image is simply a robot stripper. the stripper portrayed as a robot, yes to visually mention that word in the text but also to show that the stripper must do as they are told , do as they are paid, as if some kind of sex dance robot. or possibly some kind of quasi robot woman as if she actually fulfilled the request to do robotics for good money. but this employment is paid well so i would want to show also that this is froma  freedom of choice and not forced, so possible a bling robot [hmm dont like that] or something to suggest this further which im a bit stuck on at the moment.

MY FAVOURITE: the last image, i really like both the idea and they way in which i can execute it. simply the image of a stripper with those dark black censor bars you see in things covering up the naughty parts, but instead of just black bars saying CENSORED [ive mispelt that havent i?] i want to have money going accross covering it up. and i want to use dollar bills as they are default money and their shape works for what i would like to do. 
I may tweak the two notes to relate to the text similar to what i did last week, maybe showing a suggestion of her previous employment which is touched upon in the text [ "so thats her now going back..' whatever she used to be/do] possibly portraying her doing some low paid boring job or/and having the nots as £800 and 'all the money you have' for example as a means to push the text further, and like i did last week with words from the text or supporting the text in the notes. -And this week i aim to make a closer truth to real notes as opposed to completely inventing my own. so correct colours, very similar text and drawing style etc

i may not even do this, if i feel the imae alone with the dollar bill censor bars il leave it at that and include visual informatio to suggest it is a bar, with two men discussing her and maybe even in the background things to suggest her depth beyond her body, so the science books i mentioned, or possible a chalk board with algebra equasions on it.

either way im quite happy with each of the ideas. the previous is my favourite simply cos of the style and the way i could aproach it and i feel its a solid comment on stripper and is as if puts a price on her body; at first i was to use a 1dollar bill for her upper half, and a five for the lower half. -also maybe say a £1000 bill over her eyes or head to try and reflect that her mind/knowledge/personality is worth so much more, or is priceless.
i really like this idea but im open.

[note to karl-ill try not to waffle on as much in the future !]

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