Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Leake Street 19/1/2010

today has a particuly good offering of colours and compositions down leake street. i walk down there alot on my way to college, this reminds me of how lucky i am to be not just at this college but a part of a cultural and artistic centre of london and its part in the world. it reminds me of where i came from creatively too and reminds me what can happen when paint is mixed with the right amount of motivation creativity and sheer determination.

this street is probably about as close to truth and honesty; as its not for profit. unfortunately the flipside of that is alot of it can be nonsense.

ive taken shots of details of letters because i like looking at the creativity and flexibility that can be adopted, and reminding myself that text, each letter is a composition.
also the variety and use of colours

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